How to make money on the platform is a research platform that allows you to sign up to participate in studies and be paid. Unlike other platforms like Mechanical Turk or Prolific Academic, on the platform you retain ownership of your data. You create a data asset that you “lease” to the researcher for them to analyse. However, because you still own it you are then free to “lease” the same data to other researchers who might want it.

What you collect is up to you. The unforgettable app allows you to record your locations, your movements and short segments of audio. You can also hook up email, social media, internet of things devices and time management platforms. Researchers might also ask you to complete surveys or experiments. These also generate data and again this data belongs to you.

When a researcher wants data they post a study on the site. The posting contains a description of the study, indicates what data and/or tasks will be required and lists how much you will be paid. The choice is yours whether you decide to participate.

In this tutorial, we will describe how to sign up for and show you how to participate in studies.

The first step is to navigate to

Then click on Register in the top right hand corner and fill in your details:

The site will indicate that an email confirmation is required.

Go to your email and click on the link:

Now click on the Login link (top right) and login:

Now you are in the site. You don’t have any data at this stage, so your search doesn’t reveal any events. Once you have connected in some data sources events will accumulate and you will be able to search, visualise and delete your data.

You can use the website without ever signing up to be a participant. However, if you want to be able to see the studies that are available you need to opt in by going to the Marketplace tab and clicking on the “Count me in!” button at the bottom of the page.

Now you will see the projects that are currently available for you to enrol in under the All projects tab. Before joining a project, you must hit the “Click to provide informed consent” button for that project (see below). Next, if you have collected the required data for that project, you will then be able to “Join” the project and complete any associated tasks.:

You can also go to the “My projects” tab to see what projects you have signed up for already. Of course, you won’t have any just yet.

You can also click on the “Dashboard” tab to see your current earnings, previous payments we have made to you and your preferred currency. To save on transaction fees we transfer your money when you hit AUD$100. When you accumulate AUD$100 an email will be sent to you indicating that your money is available. We use Transferwise as a payment provider, so you will need to sign up for their service.

And that is it! You are now ready to start building your data asset and making money!

If you have any questions feel free to send us a message using our contact form.

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