SEMA Events in Private

The Smartphone Ecological Momentary Assessment 3 (SEMA3) app allows you to administer micro-surveys to participants across a day with a variety of schedules that you can specify in the SEMA3 system. These can be loaded into Unforgettable and made available to researchers through the Private webshell. At the bottom of the post is an example event as it would appear in the Events variable of Private. There are many fields many of which are not really of interest to researchers. Here I will describe the ones that you may want to use.

The following is an example of a SEMA3 survey that was completed by the participant.

  {'Angry': '0',
    'AngryRt': '5778',
    'Anxious': '34',
    'AnxiousRt': '9094',
    'Bored': '32',
    'BoredRt': '4646',
    'CompletedTs': '2019-06-24 09:08:00',
    'CompletedUtcTs': '2019-06-23 23:08:00',
    'Confident': '81',
    'ConfidentRt': '9140',
    'Content': '74',
    'ContentRt': '9793',
    'CreatedTs': '2019-06-24 09:07:00',
    'CreatedUtcTs': '2019-06-23 23:07:00',
    'Disappointed': '4',
    'DisappointedRt': '3908',
    'EndDateTime': '2019-06-23T23:08:00Z',
    'EndDateTimeLocal': '2019-06-24T09:08:00Z',
    'Excited': '46',
    'ExcitedRt': '6580',
    'ExpiredTs': '',
    'ExpiredUtcTs': '',
    'ExportTz': 'Australia/Melbourne',
    'GpsLocations': [],
    'Happy': '53',
    'HappyRt': '3538',
    'Irritable': '0',
    'IrritableRt': '3136',
    'Keywords': ['2019', 'Sunday', 'June', 'AXWNiAsxa', 'c7_i_SsPTQ', 'completed'],
    'Location': '84',
    'LocationRt': '15350',
    'ParticipantId': '486546398',
    'ParticipantTz': 'local',
    'Relaxed': '93',
    'RelaxedRt': '7751',
    'Sad': '37',
    'SadRt': '6605',
    'ScheduledTs': '2019-06-24 09:07:00',
    'ScheduledUtcTs': '2019-06-23 23:07:00',
    'StartDateTime': '2019-06-23T23:07:00Z',
    'StartDateTimeLocal': '2019-06-24T09:07:00Z',
    'StartedTs': '2019-06-24 09:07:00',
    'StartedUtcTs': '2019-06-23 23:07:00',
    'StudyId': 'AXWNiAsxa',
    'StudyName': 'Understanding emotion and episodic memory',
    'StudyVersion': '4',
    'Suggestions': [],
    'SurveyId': 'c7_i_SsPTQ',
    'SurveyName': 'Affect survey',
    'TotalRt': '85319',
    'Trigger': 'scheduled',
    'UploadedTs': '2019-06-24 09:08:00',
    'UploadedUtcTs': '2019-06-23 23:08:00',
    'UserId': '2f50d2dea75a5192945b47889a5c9728f7a4ff72f1297973207c114327067b17',
    'aws_profile': {'name': 'ume', 'region_name': 'us-west-1'},
    'hasAccelerometryDataFiles': False,
    'hasAccelerometryDataFilesItr': <Private.file_iterator.FileIterator object at 0x7f4d35c20ef0>,
    'hasAudioProcessedDataFiles': False,
    'hasAudioProcessedDataFilesItr': <Private.file_iterator.FileIterator object at 0x7f4d35c207f0>,
    'hasGpsLocations': False,
    'id': 'ap-northeast-1:7fe8c602-eac8-4172-99ca-b3e07d27f1e6::ae56797e-5ba9-4c0c-b945-1f49b9d2603f',
    'type': '__SEMA__'}

The event below is an example of a SEMA3 event that was not completed.

    "UserId": "d1329f62e0e54b5fe75b70df644c997ebe1e408ce931ceab9374371fc9d0ad7b",
    "type": "__SEMA__",
    "StartDateTime": "2019-08-12T02:32:00Z",
    "StartDateTimeLocal": "2019-08-12T12:32:00Z",
    "EndDateTime": "2019-08-12T02:32:00Z",
    "EndDateTimeLocal": "2019-08-12T12:32:00Z",
    "Keywords": [
    "ScheduledTs": "2019-08-12 12:32:00",
    "ScheduledUtcTs": "2019-08-12 02:32:00",
    "Suggestions": []

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