Email Events in Private

Unforgettable Research Services provides a service that allows participants to forward their emails to the system. Below is an example of an email event within Private generated by such a forward.

    "UserId": "90b1887af9b15de7d03710459f1c69f9fb0c5c86417c9dcae961149f350bca77",
    "type": "__UEmail__",
    "StartDateTime": "2020-05-26T05:52:15Z",
    "StartDateTimeLocal": "2020-05-26T15:52:15Z",
    "EndDateTime": "2020-05-26T05:52:15Z",
    "EndDateTimeLocal": "2020-05-26T15:52:15Z",
    "Keywords": [
    "From": "Ben Stone <>",
    "To": "Malinga Perera <>",
    "Subject": "Re: IFTTTButton CantSleep",
    "Message": "It's the real life (not fake) \"Button\" type.\r\n\r\nCheers Ben\r\n\r\nOn Tue, May 26, 2020 at 3:29 PM Malinga Perera <\r\> wrote:\r\n\r\n> Hi Ben,\r\n>\r\n> Is this a new type or replacement for \"Button\" type?\r\n>\r\n> Thanks.\r\n> - Malinga\r\n>\r\n> On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 3:04 PM Ben Stone <>\r\n> wrote:\r\n>\r\n>> {\r\n>>     \"UserId\":\r\n>> \"cc67a122f1c738b7aa908a1c91ac01a04944727fc7da14a8112bbce5c7917438\",\r\n>>     \"type\": \"__IFTTTButton__\",\r\n>>     \"id\":\r\n>> \"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX::f83ae2f8-eeb1-4b49-8069-257fdfbeaae3\",\r\n>>     \"StartDateTime\": \"2020-05-18T13:38:00Z\",\r\n>>     \"StartDateTimeLocal\": \"2020-05-18T23:38:00Z\",\r\n>>     \"EndDateTime\": \"2020-05-18T13:38:00Z\",\r\n>>     \"EndDateTimeLocal\": \"2020-05-18T23:38:00Z\",\r\n>>     \"Keywords\": [\r\n>>         \"2020\",\r\n>>         \"Monday\",\r\n>>         \"May\",\r\n>>         \"CantSleep\",\r\n>>         \"autumn\"\r\n>>     ],\r\n>>     \"Timezone\": \"Australia/Melbourne\",\r\n>>     \"Suggestions\": [],\r\n>>     \"latitude\": -37.820655,\r\n>>     \"longitude\": 145.094349,\r\n>>     \"hasGpsLocations\": false,\r\n>>     \"GpsLocations\": []\r\n>> }\r\n>>\r\n>> The type of button is tracked in Keywords, here are some of the type's of\r\n>> button:\r\n>>\r\n>> CantSleep\r\n>> Coffee\r\n>> Stressed\r\n>> Exercised\r\n>> Happy\r\n>> Sneezing\r\n>> Tired\r\n>> Relaxed\r\n>> Headache\r\n>> Excited\r\n>> Angry\r\n>> Amused\r\n>>\r\n>>\r\n>>\r\n>>\r\n",
    "Charset": "ASCII",
    "Words": 142,
    "Suggestions": []

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